Benefits for Communities

We recognize and respect you as our partner and intentionally work within the framework of your policies to provide a seamless transition for your new residents.
Our goal is to deliver to you new residents who are in good health and looking forward to continuing their legacy within the community of their new home. We have significant expertise and training in approaches that reduce stress and produce quality results. As the central point of contact for all the details of the move, our clients have the time they need for family, friends and appointments.
The security of your property and the routine of your residents are of great concern to us. We are committed to making as few ripples as possible in the tranquility of your common areas on the day of the move.

Smooth Transitions® will coordinate the resident’s arrival with you. This includes:

A short conference to learn your policies for moving in new residents, such as optimal days to arrive, use of elevators and entrances, policies for the moving trucks and movers, security for the entrances, and the room safety policies which might include the use of throw rugs and access areas within the space.
Locking in the arrival date and time so you can plan to welcome the new resident appropriately, schedule an orientation tour, explain safety and fire procedures, etc., and if necessary, schedule a medical evaluation and set out a medication timetable with the staff.

Upon the arrival of the new resident, Smooth Transitions® will:

Quickly perform the unpacking of essentials in the new home. It is always our goal to accomplish the relocation within one day so our clients can sleep in their own bed.
Help the client get settled in terms of gathering up any needed items from the former home or shopping for items required for immediate use (shower curtains, extension cords, etc).
Care and attention are placed on recreating the individual comfort zones of our clients and details are noted which make the new space feel like home. It is important, for example, to place their recliner across from the TV with the pictures placed and the end tables in the same orientation. Setting up the kitchen and bathroom correctly makes a big difference in the ease of settling in and getting comfortable.
We will contact your maintenance staff to coordinate a time for pictures, mirrors and window dressing to be hung, and notify you of any appointments for cable or telephone hook-ups.
In the sad event of the death of one of your residents, Smooth Transitions® will work with you as a trusted partner; as well as family members, attorneys and/or trust officers to organize and disperse the estate. This can include everything from personal effects on hand, the possessions from the unit or an entire home.
Experience has shown that when Smooth Transitions® is recognized as a preferred provider and used regularly, everybody benefits. As administrators, you have the confidence and trust in our services you need to be comfortable as you welcome your new resident; that resident is rested and relaxed having left the details and work to us; and we have the great satisfaction of having been a big help when help was truly needed.