Our advocacy for you and your family is the reason you may think of us as a ‘daughter in town’. The personal approach of Smooth Transitions® is essential in establishing the trust and confidence needed by an individual to make a tough move easier. We understand it is normal to feel sad, run out of energy, get anxious, overwhelmed, sometimes even angry in the course of a relocation. The compassion we bring to our clients and the process is a significant part of the Company’s success.
If you would like Carol Cole to speak to your group about "getting rid of stuff" or clearing the clutter, please call (540) 797-2354 to reserve your date. Her humorous presentations put a positive focus on what can be an overwhelming task.


Deciding what to take
Sorting houseold treasures
Changing utilities
Making moving arrangements
Orchestrating "move day"
Setting up the new home
Shipping of household items
Arranging the sale of household items
Donating leftovers
Trash hauling
Arranging for the sale of the house


Smooth Transitions® provides services for the dispersal of belongings after the death of a loved one. Working under the direction of family members, attorneys or trust officers, we organize and distribute the estate according to you and you family member's wishes. From simple sorting and shipping to a total cleanout, taking the pressure off already trying times is just a phone call away - (540) 797-2354


Smooth Transitions® services are contracted with a deposit and are invoiced using an hourly rate. Estimates may be requested. Frequently, items left over in the home that are sold will cover the costs of Smooth Transitions® services.

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