What We Do

Smooth Transitions® is there to help with as little or as much work as you need. The relocation process can be overwhelming with selecting a place to move, deciding what to take, finding a mover, packing, moving, unpacking and getting rid of the leftovers. We do the work so you can start life in your new home rested and with a renewed outlook. Let us help you discover the positive energy and excitement of opening a new chapter in your life.
At Smooth Transitions, we understand that a relocation can be an extremely stressful time; often complicated by health issues, grief or the sheer volume of possessions. We also know that by establishing trust and working together, the process can be positive and energizing. Our client's wishes will be honored and his/her privacy assured.


Smooth Transitions® services are contracted with a deposit and are invoiced using an hourly rate. Estimates may be requested. Frequently, items left over in the home that are sold will cover the costs of Smooth Transitions® services.

Moving Family Members

Working with Retirement Communities