“Regarding the work of Smooth Transitions at the home of my father … we were most pleased with the work done … being out of town put us at such a disadvantage. Both realtors commented on your quality work at closing.”

Bob C.
“You interacted well with Mom and listened to her concerns about the move. I want to thank you again for the support and assurance you gave her and all of us during this stressful time.”

Cindy E.
“Many thanks for the fine job you did with Aunt Mildred. I am the closest relative but 600 miles away! Your help made Mildred and me feel more comfortable.”

Scott W.
“I know it was a hard task for you to take on and I am so very appreciative of the work you put in. I could never have done it without your expert help.”

Mary H.
“Your assistance has been invaluable. It has certainly made this a time when we as a family could support one another, laugh over strange saved items, share stories and nurture mom without having to worry about all the details of the move. You have truly been a blessing.”

Martha S.
“At first it sounded like a lot of money, but then I saw how hard you worked and all you accomplished. Paying your invoice was the best money I have every spent!”

David E.

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